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12 yrs in Digital. 12 yrs in Digital.

Our Culture &

Our story

Glide was born in 2007 with $10,000 dollars and a two-man operation, founded by Es Chandra a former university scholar with a knack for technology and internet marketing. Since then, we have helped and worked closely with WA’s biggest companies to develop digital strategies. Seeing the need for an agency that does good by its team, clients and the broader community.

You grow, we grow

Our agency has an innate desire to deliver growth for all our clients. This means we are always looking for ways to improve, innovate and seek opportunities to generate more growth for you online.

Learning with resilience

We believe that learning is part of a daily process and that failure is not an opportunity to blame, but instead supported to build an environment of continuous improvement. A cultivated ‘can do’ attitude enables our team to push boundaries for what we can achieve for our clients.

Innovating forever

We are always looking for ways to provide better solutions, Engineering new strategies that are cutting edge and produce the most desirable results. Being innovative means our teams are empowered to test and trial new things and to be supported and encouraged every step of the way.

Data driven

To be data driven means to always incorporate the right data when making decisions in strategy and planning. Whether it’s in regards to what ad creative to utilise or where the budget is best spent, a data driven culture calls for an agnostic approach, and to be flexible in order to achieve better outcomes.

Built for speed

We remove the complex layers that exist within the traditional agency model with a seamless output that strives for speed and agility. From building websites to launching full scale digital campaigns with rich content. Ultimately, speed allows business to test and trial more often and get closer to their goals.

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